To Load a plugin or mod into the construction Kit:
  • If you are not using OBSE, then just run: TESConstructionSet.exe, directly from your oblivion game folder. If you are using OBSE... then run (from the same folder): obse_loader.exe -editor
  • Goto File -> Data
  • Locate the plugin, in the dialog that comes up, under 'TES Files'
  • Select the plugin, then click 'Set as Active File'
    -- on a side note: if you wish to make a new plugin or add a master plugin to this, select one of the 'master files' by double-clicking on that file [this will add that plugin as a pre-requiste for this or a new plugin to function]
  • Wait for the plugin to be loaded, into the Construction kit
  • Once the plugin/mod has been loaded, then you should be able to edit or modify it