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EmuXPortal:Utility written in C#.Net to display a list of emulator roms and execute them using the appropriate emulator (on specific monitor)
Requires either 2.0/3.5/or 4.0:
Lastest Update(s):
This tool was designed to scan a folder for roms.
  • RomRoot/
    • PS2/
      • emu.config /or/ emu_ignore.txt
      • Roms/ (contains your roms)
    • abc
    • xyz
Format of FIles (blank files are included with the application for emu.config and config.ini)
  • emu_ignore.txt: empty text file - EmuXPortal will ignore the RomRoot/X/ directory
  • config.ini: in same location where EmuXPortal is executed from
    • ROMPATH : path to RomRoot
    • DISPLAYDEVICE: screen to display EmuXPortal on and is in format \\.\DISPLAY# where # is the display number
  • emu.config: stored in RomRoot/X/ directory ... one for each directory under RomRoot
    • PLATFORMNAMESHORT : short name for platform (eg PS2)
    • PLATFORMNAMELONG: long name for platform (eg Sony Playstaiton 2)
    • PLATFORMIMAGE : image for platform stored in same location as emu.config (eg a picture of the device, etc)
    • EXTENSIONS : valid rom extensions (eg *.iso;*.xyz)
    • EMULATORPATH : full path to the emulator
    • EMULATOROPTIONS : emulator options
        Available Sub options for EMULATOROPTIONS
      • %ROM_FILE% : full path to the rom file including the filename
      • %ROM_PATH% : full path to the folder the rom is stored in
adds support to launch a standalone application (one that does not need an emulator to be launched)
emu.config has a new option for this: EXTERNALCONFIGSPATH (the path is relative to the location of emu.config) Under configs path is serveral .config files using this format:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <GAMEEXE>full path to game exe</GAMEEXE>
   <GAMEEXEARGS>any arguments to supply to game exe</GAMEEXEARGS>
Available Downloads:(*NOTE: some of these may be old, please check the text for updates, if any)