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PCSX2 Ram Dump:A tool that can dump ram from PCSX2 (useful for dumping memory or hacking cheat codes for a PS2 Game)
lastest update(s):
current stable feature list:
supported pcsx2 version: at least v0.9.7.3878 or later (it may work with earlier version(s), but no earlier than 0.9.7)
main application (pcsx2ramdumpgui, pcsx2ramdumpsearcher, pcsx2ramdump):
  • dump ee ram (provided by libpcsx2ramdump & pcsx2ramdump)
  • view/edit ee ram (provided by libpcsx2ramdump & pcsx2ramdump)
  • search ee ram (provided by libmemsearch)
  • find pad joker addresses (provided by libpadjoker, using available pad and gs plugins)
    • create jokered addresses (provided by libpadjoker)
    • convert between logical/physical memory addresses (provided by libpcsx2ramdump)
    • convert floats to/from their 32bit hex equivalents (provided by libwin32)
    • hex and numeric/float input usercontrols [among other input types] (provided by libwin32)

macrotool (pcsx2macrotool):
  • send user-defined macro(s) to a pcsx2 process (using available pad and gs plugins)

libmemsearch: (provides core ee ram search capability)
  • search ee ram (old value, specific value, range)
  • find pad joker (using available pad and gs plugins)
  • saerch ee ram [sending a joker button first] (same as above) (using available pad and gs plugins)
  • save/load project file (saves the current search state or load an existing one)
  • import/export patch list to/from file and clipboard
  • manually add single address/range of addresses to patch list
  • convert float(s) to/from 32-bit hex
  • convert logical addresses to/from physical addresses

currently available pad plugins: (provided by/implementing libpluginframework)
  • lillypad
  • padssspsx
currently available gs plugins: (provided by/implementing libpluginframework)
  • gsdx
  • zerogs
  • zzogl
Available Downloads:(*NOTE: some of these may be old, please check the text for updates, if any)