Oblivion Download: NeoH4x0r's Auto Save Ring
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NeoH4x0r's Auto Save Ring:Gives the player as ring that will automatically save the game at a specified interval (seconds)
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what does this do?

this plugin adds a special ring to the game, that enables the player to have the game autosaved at a specified interval (every x seconds).

where can i find it?

the player will find the ring at the end of the docks -- just after exiting the imperial sewer's, when starting a new game.

how do i use it?

1) find the ring, at the above location
2) pick-up the ring (add it to the player's inventory)
3) equip the ring, now the game will be autosaved every x seconds. gamesave name: playerautosave
4) to keep it from auto-saving the game, just un-equip it.

**note: this ring has no biped-slots, so the player will still be able to use other rings, etc ... while this one is equipped.

to change the frequency at which the ring will autosave the game (measured in seconds):

1) to edit this plugin see: loading a plugin or mod with the oblivion construction kit
2) click 'yes' or 'yes to all' for all warning dialogs that may come-up (this is just complaining that the ring has no biped-slots [i.e. doesn't specifiy if it is a ring on the right/left hand, etc])
3) in the 'object window' select item -> clothing
4) locate: neoh4x0rautosavering (under editorid)
5) double-click that item
6) when the clothing dialog comes up, you will see a script drop-down box ... click the '...' button -- this will allow you to edit, this object's attached script
7) when the script editor dialog comes up you will see the script for the ring locate:
;; set timer to 30 seconds
set timetillautosave to 30
8) change the value for 'timetillautosave' to anything, greater than zero (this is the number of seconds that will elapse between saves)
**ignore the line: set totalautosaves to 10 (as this is not currently being used, it was an attempt to have a block of autosaves -- but does not work):
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