The Sims 2 Download: Digitalchaos's No Visitor Controller
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Digitalchaos's No Visitor Controller:Simple object based off of a garden gnome that will remove all visitors from a lot
my no visitor controller is based off of a garden gnome with custom pie menu options.

for this to work correctly, it has the following pre-requistes:

it will remove:
  • all visitors
  • all pets (if pets is intalled)
  • all non-service npcs:
    • ep1: (university)
      • evil mascot
      • mascot
      • cheer leader
    • ep2: (nightlife)
      • ms. crumplebottom
      • gypsy matchmaker
      • grand vampyre
    • ep3: (open for business)
      • reporter
    • ep4: (pets)
      • wolf
      • wolf lotp
      • skunk
    • ep6: (bon voyage)
      • none - yet (will be updated, when i play vacation lots)
    • ep8: (apartment life)
      • witch 1
      • witch 2
      • breakdancer
      • spectral cat
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