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GameBlaster:Simple Utility that use an MCE IR Blaster to send IR Signals to Game Device (such as a PS2, for automating controller cheats)
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simple utility that use an mce ir blaster to send ir signals to game device (such as a ps2, for automating controller cheats).

requires: lm remote key map.
you can download it here: lm remote keymap - you only need to the standard version.

basically for this to work you have the following things:
  • a cheat xml file describing the game's name, background, cheats, and device type according to the cheats xml specification (as seen in the samples)
  • you must setup, your game console/device in lm remote key map - create a ir blaster profile, the name of the profile must match that in the cheat xml, and all of the buttons must be defined in the profile (for the ps2 would be cross, square, etc, etc)
  • then you would pass this cheat xml, to the application, on the commandline - all of the cheats should load into the application and you can then have those cheats automatically blasted through and mce ir blaster or any ir blaster supported by lm remote key map

latest release(s) have an updated lmremote blaster core

this allows passing a comma seperated list of commands to the blaster core : which allows for sending multiple commands very quickly