The Sims 2 Download: TS2 - Creation of Custom Default Maxis Radio Stations
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TS2 - Creation of Custom Default Maxis Radio Stations:This tutorial demonstrates how to create custom default maxis radiostations (with or without free time)
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i have cooked up a tutorial that demonstrates how to create custom default maxis radiostations (with or without free time). this tutorial is compatible with any of the following games (but no less than pets):

celebration! stuff
h&m fashion stuff
bon voyage
teen style stuff
free time
kitchen & bath stuff
ikea home stuff
apartment life
mansion and garden stuff
store edition - see note below

note about: store edition
if you do not have any of the above games, you can download the sims 2 - store edition ... as suggested by numenor (on modthesims). i have not tested store edition, but according to numenor it works. this general consensus is that if you make the changes for a particular ep and then install a later ep, your custom stations should be "carried-forward" into the new ep. the sims 2 - store edition can be downloaded here: download link: ea download manager. apparently once you download and install the ea download manager - store edition will eventually become available for download through it (i am not entirely sure about the exact process, though).

==> files required to complete tutorial:
  • custom radio station - tutorial.pdf
  • template_radiostation.package
==> extra files used by tutorial [you don't have to use them]:
  • hardlinkshellext_win32.exe
==> included files that are created by following tutorial [can be deleted]:
  • custom radiostation - custom1.package
  • custom radiostation - custom2.package
==> obsolete files (will be removed, when i get a chance):
  • none
update 2/4/2009: in the tutorial, the downloader is informed that they must choose an id value for there station based on the games they have installed and add 1 to it, then add 1 for each station (from section: making sure your custom radiostation does not overwrite any default ones). these steps are no longer needed. the downloader can choose any value between 0x0015 and 0x007f (21 to 127) for their station and they do not have to be inorder. but, please be aware that if two radio stations are using the same id, whichever one is loaded last will be the one that is added to the pie menu.

here are examples for the pie menu options for all radios. (this is a global mod by the way)

Available Downloads:(*NOTE: some of these may be old, please check the text for updates, if any)