The Sims 2 Download: Don't turn off or stop watching tv when fun maxed
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Don't turn off or stop watching tv when fun maxed:Installing this hack will cause your sims to keep watching TV, even, when their fun motive is maxed; also, with the other two files you have to option of: 1) Always turning the tv off when done watching or 2) Always leave the tv on when done watching
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compatibility note: this mod will likely conflict with other mods related to watching tv and turning it on/off.

i created the main global hack, because i had alot of encoded videos (that i may want to watch in-game) and wanted to see them for more the a few seconds at time [the sims' fun level goes up pretty quickly, even more so, with more expensive tv's].

this hack changes the "tv - do - watch" semiglobal (group: 0x7f92832c (televisionglobals) instance: 0x2014.

this function uses a global to test if the interaction should be cancled. the global is: fun object (me) - exit and passes the sim's fun level to the function. if it returns false it continues the interaction loop. if it returns true, it exit's the loop and ends the interaction - causing your sim to stop watching tv and turn it off.

i altered the line that calls that global and prevents it from exiting, if fun is maxed (your sim will still stop watching and turn the tv off for more pressing matters, such as needing to pee on the floor, etc) or if another sim takes control over the tv.

i created it with all expansion & stuff packs installed.

this hack will not work in games older than freetime and requires either of the following game setups:
1) freetime
2) apartment life
3) or mansion & garden stuff

to download the main global hack:
download: digitalchos_don't_stop_watching_tv_when_fun_maxed.zip

i also created two other global hacks: only download one of these, not both
these new hacks change: "tv - should i turn off", television globals, instance: 0x2018 - and the compatibility note,above, applies for this as well.
Available Downloads:(*NOTE: some of these may be old, please check the text for updates, if any)