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The Sims 3 - Package Selector:This utility will load a .package file in the most appropriate editor, based on DBPF version; DBPF Version 2 or greater is 'The Sims 3' while anything less than Version 2 will be 'The Sims 2'
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Requires either 2.0/3.5/or 4.0:
lastest update(s):
current version:

the application is installed to this default location: (but can be installed anywhere you want)
	%programfiles%\network solutions\thesimspackageselector
what it does:
if you mod for both the sims 2 and the sims 3, with this utility you will only have to double-click on a package file and it will automatically load into the correct package editor (fully configurable, of course).

this utility will associate itself as the default program for opening sims2/sims3 .package files.

it will determine if it is a sims2 or sims3 package and pass it on to the appropriate package editor.
**note: the full path to the package file is passed to the executable, on the commandline, currently if any other "arguments" are required to pass in a filename to the application - this utility will not work until i add support for custom commandline args (if they are needed)

this will work for simpe, s3pe, and postal.

the package editors that you use can be configured by passing "-configure" on the commandline: (this will be done when running the utility for the firsttime, by double-clicking on a .package file)
	thesimspackageselector.exe -configure
you will see this dialog: (you can configure your sims 2 and sims 3 package editors by entering the fullpath to the executables)

also, as an added bonus, you will get special icon overlays for the package files: (the icon is the lower left, the green "sims 3 icon" by augermage)
you will get two icons, each one representing either a sims 2 or sims 3 package file -- looks at the major version of the dbpf file format. version 2 or greater = sims 3, less than version 2 = sims2

not only will you get the icons for package files, but anything that is a valid dbpf file and has the appropriate versions - such as in the following image:
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