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The Sims 3 - EP Compatibility Tool:This allows your to convert a .package file back/forth between one/more Expansion Packs
Please be aware that this tool will porbably not work correctly
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Requires either 2.0/3.5/or 4.0:
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sims 3 - ep compatibility tool:

this utility allows the user to quickly set the epflags for various resources in a sims 3 package file.

setting ep flags on a resource, for one (maybe other reasons too), setting it on the objd will make the object in the in-game catalog have the eps particular icon (such as world adventure type objects show its icon on the object)

currently this program supports converting from ep0 to ep1, that is the basegame <=> world adventures. this utility does have support for applying flags for other expansion packs, that have yet to be released by ea - also s3pe seems to have support for other epflags besides ep1. (the flags used by s3pe and the s3pi library are just a set of bitflags)

updated in: v1.0.0.7
    +implemented the ability to select one or more file(s) to convert
    +implemented the ability to select a directory of file(s) to convert
    +implemented the ability to to specify abritrary bitflags to use (in-place of selected an expansion pack)

    !! currently setting any flags other than: 0x00 (ep0) -or- 0x08 (ep1) will probably result in the object haveing a blank catalog thumbnail and will probably not be available/useable in-game.
small fix in: v1.0.0.7
    @ when using arbitrary bitflags respect the resource types used by eepoverridabletypes<uint>, rather than setting them all.
updated in: v1.0.0.8
    + added support for high-end loft stuff (hels)
    @ modified the way that epflags are handled for different resources
            going from base/wa -> hels (resulted in an unusable object, with -- this also fixes the problems caused by setting arbitrary bitflags)
            -- now it attempts to handle the conversion intelligently (i said attempts to!!)
            -- added a new class, epoverridegovernor, to handle this
    @ modified eepoverridabletypes to have the overridable resource types declared in an
            external enumeration: eepoverridableresourcetypes
    + added a new class, customepflags, that overrides the ones contained in enum: s3pi.interfaces.epflags
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