The Sims 3 Download: The Sims 3 - STBL Duplicator
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The Sims 3 - STBL Duplicator:This will allow you to duplicate one STBL (String Table) Resource in one language to all other languages
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Requires either 2.0/3.5/or 4.0:
lastest update(s):
current version: 1.0.3624.37157 this utility will all you to use a specific game language to populate all other stbl languages.
the catalog name/descriptions will also be copiedl; however, this application is intended to duplicate all strings contained in the source stbl resource.

you can configure the source language by doing the following:
	ts3.stblduplicator.exe --configure

you will see this dialog: (just select your language and click "use selected language" & confirm when asked)

this is an example of the output from the utility:

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