The Sims 3 Download: The Sims 3 - Assembly Generator
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The Sims 3 - Assembly Generator:This allows the creation of dll assemblies that can be used with Custom Objects
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Requires either 2.0/3.5/or 4.0:

Useful Tools For Game Modding/Configuration:

lastest update(s):
current application version: 1.3.3673.36062, product version: 1.3 now has support for expansion packs
from within the application, you can view the changelog by clicking help -> about, then the changelog link.

please be sure to read, help -> getting started, before asking for help with the application. (you never know, the answer may be in there!)

easy-installer version has been removed.

what it does:
allows the user to easily create new dll assemblies for an object, and will in no-way override the core dll files.

what it doesn't do:
it will not magically create game-compatible dll files, this is left up to the user to ensure that the dll will work, in-game, when compiled (i.e. valid c# source code, source code written to conform to what the game expects, etc)

features of the application:
  • uses .net reflector for exploring core dll namespaces (classes/members,etc)
  • contains a help file, documenting how-to-use it.
  • allows save/opening of project files (also contains example projects and an example project loader)
Available Downloads:(*NOTE: some of these may be old, please check the text for updates, if any)