Skyrim Workshop (Steam) - Browsing mods locks up the opera web browser

Browsing some mods on the Skyrim Workshop (Steam) will occasionally lock up the Opera Web Browser:
This could happen with opera 12.10 (it might happen with earlier version(s), too)
Updating to Opera 12.14 (build 1738) seemed to eliminate the problem.

Latest Stable Version (of Opera): http://www.opera.com/download/
Latest UnStable Version (of Opera): http://www.opera.com/browser/next/
[alternate link] Latest UnStable Version (of Opera): http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/ (scroll down the page and look for 'Download' choose the appropriate version for your OS)
Archived Snapshots (of Opera): http://arc.opera.com/snapshot/
Opera Stable Downloads: http://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/
Opera Stable-Next Downloads: http://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera-next/
Opera Developer Downloads: http://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera-developer/