BOSS LOOT 0.6.0 - Blank report page

LOOT 0.6.0 is available from here: LOOT v0.6.0

Anyone that uses LOOT 0.6.0 - is probably getting blank report pages that look similar to:

There is a simple fix for this (in at least IE9):

  1. Open the folder where LOOT is installed
  2. You will see (something like this):
    • docs/
    • resources/
    • LOOT.exe
  3. You will need to edit: resources\report\script.js
    (if you don't have a report folder under resources or can't find script.js -- you may need to reinstall/extract LOOT)
  4. Open resources\report\script.js, in your favorite text editor -- I would recommed Notepad++
  5. Find the following line:
    It should be under the function:
    function processURLParams()
  6. Change that line to:
  7. Open LOOT and try to view the report -- it should work now
If you the report still does not work: you can try the following
  1. note the report.html file: under resources\report\report.html
  2. note the reportdata.js file: under %LOCALAPPDATA%\LOOT\Skyrim\reportdata.js
    note you might need to change Skyrim to any other game LOOT supports (if you trying to view the report for a game other than skyrim)
  3. In a text editor or by other means: create the url as follows:
    file:///path to loot\resources\report\report.html?data=%LOCALAPPDATA%\LOOT\Skyrim\reportdata.js
    for example:
  4. Open internet explorer: using the url from above
    • Check the url format and try again, If get an error message about not being able to open the url
    • If you get a blank report -- just as it looked in LOOT
      1. Open internet options - Press ALT -> Click 'TOOLS' on menu bar -> Click 'Internet Options'
      2. On the internet options dialog: Click the 'Advanced' tab
      3. scroll down untill you see the single word 'Browsing' (there will be no checkbox next to it)
      4. Look for the following options:
        Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
        Disable script debugging (Other)
        Uncheck these, restart (close and reopen) Internet explorer
        Attempt to load the url again.
        This time, IE will attempt to debug the script on the page and will tell you what the problem(s) are.
      NOTE: these were the steps I used to determine the line in the script that was cauing the issue - which was