Acer Sync Pim Utility - Useless after May 5, 2015 Without a GoogleAPI Update
AcerSync (latest v1.06.3006.0)

Was rendered useless after May 5, 2015 (if using a Google Account for sync)
Calender and Contacts will no longer sync with the Google Service (without a GoogleAPI update).

NOTE: Any sync tool, not just AcerSync, will fail to sync anything after May 5, 2015 if they do not support OAuth 2.0
Also any tool that is still using Google Calander API V2 is already unable to sync (they need to update to Calander API V3) and OAuth 2.0 (as above).

Acersync uses the following google APIs:

  • Uses OAuth 1.0 (will be shutdown on or after May 5, 2015) [replacement OAuth 2.0]
  • Uses Calendar API V2 (was shutdown on Nov 17, 2014) [replacement Calendar API V3]
[*note: Contacts API V3 is not deprecated, but AcerSync uses OAuth 1.0, which is]

So, if use AcerSync with a Google Account you will not be able to sync
Contacts or Calendar data unless AcerSync is updated tp use:

  • OAuth 2.0
  • Calendar API V3

A list of possible free alternative programs (to AcerSync) for Outlook: